Fudgy Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies

Fudgy Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies

Fudgy, chocolatey, moist and squidgie brownies. How I love them! I love them so much, however, that I rarely make them because I know that if I do, it is ON.

As in, the 3 pounds I’ll put ON from eating the entire batch. By myself.

In one day. Okay, in one sitting.

Do you think that’s really bad? Well, yes, evidentially gluttony of this caliber is not a particularly good habit to partake in so I try to curb it by biting the bullet and just saying no. Walk away from the brownies, sister, since I just can’t seem to control myself. Bring on the kale, and the brussels sprouts, and the tomatoes and lentils and beans and hey, wait a minute…………did someone figure out how to inject a molecule of virtue into an otherwise nutritionally void temptation? Enter the Black Bean Brownie.

Candy Cane Chocolate Truffles

Candy Cane Truffles

Can you roll a ball out of play dough? Then you can make these beauties. Can you bash up stuff with a hammer? Then you can be a master chocolatier for at least this moment. Need a quickie hostess gift? Running out of ideas? Got some leftover candy canes? Then I got you covered.

Show up anywhere with these and you will never be without friends. All you need are four ingredients and a little time.

Chocolate Covered Almond Butter Bars

Chocolate Covered Almond Butter bars

This is what a Reeses peanut butter cup wants to be when it grows up.

It’s a good thing that I just recently figured out how to make these things because now they are all I can think about. It’s become an obsession that I suspect will last until I finish off the lot of them, stashed back there in the refrigerator in a ridiculously futile attempt to hide them from myself. Seriously easy, unbelievably decadent and full of healthy fats and fiber (but let’s not get crazy, health food they are not) these nibs of nutty butter are going to make you love them, too.

If you are a full out almond butter nut (get it? nut? harderhar – okay I’ll stop) like I am then you will want to try these. You don’t even have to turn the oven on. Bad habits made easy.

You’re welcome. 😇