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“Kicken” Chicken Piccata

Chicken Picatta

If there is a restaurant within a 50 mile radius of my residence that serves chicken piccata, I have ordered it. Probably more than once. And no doubt I have enjoyed it, because to me, there is no such thing as a bad chicken piccata. Tender sand dollars of perfectly sautéd chicken in a supremely light and lemony sauce dotted with puckery pops of briny capers, dusted up with a flurry of freshly chopped parsley over an ethereal cloud of perfectly al dente’ angel hair pasta? Sounds sooooo good. Don’t ya think?

But could you take this into your kitchen and make it even bETTER?

Don’t be silly. Of COURSE you can. Piccata is so easy and delicious, and when you swap out the pasta for some beautifully sautéd kale, even more amazing.

Kale Pesto

This is some good stuff going on right here.

Healthy cruciferous crusader kale, masquerading as a gorgeous pesto sauce!

If you like pesto sauce, (and really, please, who does not?) and you are all about getting as much cruciferous kale good-ness into you, yourself and everyone else around your dinner table because that shniz is just some nutrient packed amazingness-ness, then read on. Twenty minutes. Boom.


Not Your Gramma’s Stuffed Bell Peppers

Not Your Gramma's Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is a recipe update from 10-17-2013

Soooooo…… do you know any vegetarians? Are they nice to you? Want to make ’em happy? Want to make anybody happy for that matter? Then take the twenty minutes you will spend in prep time out of your day and make these sunny jewels. Unlike the dense, rice and ground beef Campbell’s tomato soup inspired stuffed green bell peppers of your wonder years, (which I happen to love as well) these peppers are gorgeous, fresh, and actually healthy. Nestle these pretty babies over a bed of quinoa laced with peppery arugula and crunchy sunflower seeds, and you just may look forward to more “meat-free Mondays“.

Fakin Cajun Shrimp and Sausage (with cauliflower “rice”)

Fakin Cajun Shrimp and Sausage

I’m totally fakin it with this one because I’ve never actually been to Louisiana…so I can’t say that I’ve actually ever had authentic cuisine cadienne – (but I sure know how to make it sound fancy, eh?) I know that the “holy trinity” of Cajun cooking relies on onion, celery and green bell pepper (hmmmm, no bell pepper OR celery in this) and andouille sausage (nope, no “an-duey” sausage here, either) and lots of rice (negative)…so what’s in this, anyway? And why am I calling it Cajun? I seemed to have missed the riverboat here.

Forgive me, Paul Prudhomme (R.I.P.), but this is some good shiz and I can call it anything I want to………..because it’s my blog.

You will just call it really easy and super delicious. Seriously. This is JUST. SO. GOOOD.

Spinach & Ricotta Gnudi

Gnudi…as in nudie…rhymes with cutie…it’s your duty…(? ha) Yeah, these guys may not be so pretty to look at naked but they sure are good. Creamy, cheesy sorta dumpling-like, yet not quite dumplings, these little meatless-balls are like ravioli without the pasta wrapper. Hence, they are in the nude. (bada boom!)

Browned Butter Chicken Over Cannellini Beans with Spinach and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Browned Butter Chicken

Don’t let the looooong title of this post deceive you…this is speedy quick, get it on the table in no time, who’s your daddy deliciousness at it’s finest.

We are talking cans, jars and pre-washed spinach magic, here. I am promising minimal amounts of slicing and dicing…..simple ingredients; and not too many of them at that! On a plate, ready to go in less than twenty minutes! And it looks GAH-geous, right? You in? Get out your can opener, then.