Roasted Green Chile Chicken Soup

Roasted Green Chile Chicken Soup

Okay, sure, I like chicken soup well enough.

It’s sort of watery though, don’t you think? Kinda thin. Doesn’t seem to have much going for it, unless you like mealy overcooked chicken bits and a few soggy scraps of carrot. Maybe I just associate it with being sick and that’s clouding my judgement. Maybe I relied on too many cans of Campbell’s Chicken and Stars during my leaner years. Ug.

So do I LOVE chicken soup? . . . . meh, can’t say that I do;

Totally Non-Traditional Super Quick Egg Drop Soup

This is a re-post from last March. But it was cold out. It was late. I was hungry. I made this soup…and now I need to remind you how good it is………

Totally Non-Traditional Egg Drop Soup

What’s a matter, baby pie? Not feeling too great today? Got yourself a wittle cold? Maybe a touch of the flu?

Feeling blue? Maybe a little green? (seeing red?) Maybe you’re just run down…

MAYBE you’ve been having too much fun lately. 😜 (I say we vote for that)

Whatever the reason, let’s not waste another inhalation of oxygen complaining about it. In under ten minutes, you can be sitting in front of a steaming, fragrant, body and soul replenishing bowl of THIS……

Beautific Black Bean Soup

Beautific Black Bean Soup

I know, I know… bean brownies last week and now this? You think there was a close out on black beans at my grocery store or what?

Well, yeah, I know it looks suspect but the truth of the matter is simply, holy goose bumps, is it ever cold out. So what do we do about it? We eat soup, THAT is what we do. At least that is what I do. And this is really just a bowl full of good stuff. Healthy, beautiful to look at, a snap to make, and as far as ingredients go….cheap and easy! And let’s face it…….I had an extra can of black beans on hand! Ha! So there. Busted. But in a good way. On a very cold winter day, it’s all about the soup.

Spin-roccoli (spinach-broccoli) Soup

Spin-roccoli Soup

Green thumb. Green light. Green room. Greenback. Greenhorn. Green with envy. Green around the gills. Greener pastures.

Lean Green fighting machine. Oh wait a second, did I get that one wrong? 😏

No matter, because that is exactly what you will be if you eat more, yeh, you know what’s coming here……….GREENS. This soup blends a gorgeous combination of spinach and broccoli, so you are getting the Batman and Robin cruciferous crusaders of the plant world, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fabulous flavonoids. SO what? Well, how’s a healthy cardiovascular system sound to you? What about reduced blood pressure? Maybe a little anti-inflammatory anti-cancer action?

How about just the most awesome, comforting and yummy bowl of soup? Green just may become your favorite color.