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Pumpkin Pudding Crunch

Pumpkin Pudding Crunch

This. Is. Just. So. Good.

Buttery, crumbly, cakey deliciousness delectably obscures a velvety layer of pumpkin perfection. (That sentence alone should have been enough to sell you, I think I just used up all of the adjectives I know.) Dig down into that golden crisp, pecan studded crown of crunch and you’ll slip into a silky layer of cinnamon spiced pumpkin puree…..not quite pie, not quite pudding.

But ALL Fall.

Sort of a hybrid between a dump cake and a gooey butter cake, this crowd pleaser is my take on those two amazingly rich and yummy fall desserts.

(Okay, so what that REALLY means is that I forgot the eggs or left out the cream cheese or something goofy like that…..and ended up with this happy accident which is now one of my most favorite things!)

Super Food, Super Good Black Bean Brownies

Super Food Super Good Black Bean Brownies

Who doesn’t want to partake in a goodie-fest that offers more than just a chocolate rush? (not that I have any problem with THAT, per se………)


These moist and squidgy squares of phenomenally fudgy fun are super easy, super yummy and super good for you! Containing not one, not two, but three particularly pumped players, these bulked up brownies will give you a whole lot more nutritional bang for your buck than say…..the regular baked-goods you can buy at the grocery store (no bueno). Consider the lineup:

Confetti Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches on a Stick

Confetti Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches on a StickTake an old school ice cream sandwich, cut it in half, insert a handle, drizzle it with chocolate, pelt it with copious amounts of confetti colored sprinkles….and you will end up with one stupid cute, completely irresistible…


BONUS alert…you get to eat two of these at a sitting because in food math you are consuming what works out to be ONE actual ice cream sandwich per serving. It says so right on box!

(hey, I don’t make the rules…….I’m just here to spread the good word)

Fierce Frozen Fun Flaxseed Energy Bites

Fierce Frozen Fun Flaxseed Energy Bites

These adorable orb shaped edibles are a power packin’ super snack. Bursting with health happy hardware like protein, fiber, vitamins B1, B6, Iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper and zinc, these little cuties are almost too good for you – to be so dang GOOD!

But they are. So. Yummy.

Somehow I cracked the code….by cracking INTO the lowly flax-seed.

Loaded with lignans, flax-seed is the #1 source of this all important compound in the human diet and as boring as that may sound…lignan lore is worth a listen!

Hang in there with me, this is actually kind of cool. . .

Frozen Key Lime Pie

Frozen Key Lime Pie

5 Ingredients.

5 minutes.

Probably 5 years worth of bragging rights.

Whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, Key lime juice, vanilla extract, a pre-made graham cracker pie crust, a freezer. That is all you need to whip up (no pun intended, you will be doing the whip here….neh neh completely optional) the most amazing amalgam of silky, luxurious, should be labeled as a controlled substance, debauchery.

Chocolate Emergency Peanut Butter Patties

You may be able to relate to what I’m talking about.Super QUick Two Ingredients Chocolate Emergency Peanut Butter Patties

I was recently having a seemingly uncontrollable hankering for something sweet to nibble on. It wasn’t like I was particularly hungry, I mean, I certainly had plenty of actual food-food that I could have stuffed into my face…I just wanted something a little bad, ya know? Maybe a little creamy? Maybe a little chocolatey? oooooh yeah, and a little salty? Yes! THAT! Whatever that might be, that’s what I wanted.

And of course I wanted it right. that. minute.

Quinoa Blondies with Dark Chocolate Chips

Quinoa Blondies with Dark Chocolate Chips

I posted these such a way long time ago that I had forgotten about what a delightful little yummy they are, so let me bring you up to speed on this gem of a treat. What I am particularly partial to about these guys is that you can satisfy your sweet tooth, reel in some chocolate love and still get a substantial kick of fiber and protein, all wrapped up in a crave busting square of goodness.

Got an issue with gluten? Trying to cut back on the processed carbs? Then these will make you happy. Now I won’t make any claims that these are HEALTH FOOD per say, and no, you won’t find them on the menu of any detox diet plan……but hey! I know I need a goodie every once in a while, and these fit the bill without wrecking too much havoc. Works for me!

Faking-it, Make it Quick, Cheater Tiramisu

Faking it, Make it Quick, Cheaters Tiramisu

I just kinda let Valentines day blow in and sputter out without even one whiff of a romantically tinged offering from the Kick and Dinner kitchen, didn’t I? No dark chocolate dipped strawberries, no heart-shaped black bean brownies, not even a pastel-pink hued smoothie. I got NOTHIN.


Sorry about that, Poodle.

Let me make it up to you. With this: