Roasted Broccoli and White Bean Salad

Roasted Broccoli and White Bean Salad

Let me tell you why you want to make this salad. Okay, first and foremost…it is delicious! Charred and delicately crisped roasted broccoli spears serve to just barely wilt down a healthy pile of spinach leaves, all pumped up with cannellini bean powered protein and…if that wasn’t enough for you…..sumptuously draped in a creamy, briny, lemony-dill infused Dijon dabbled dressing! Secondly; it only takes about twenty-five minutes to get this on the table, and third; you can do the meatless Monday thing any day of the week here and be totally fat and happy.

Well. Happy, yes; fat, no.

Spin-roccoli (spinach-broccoli) Soup

Spin-roccoli Soup

Green thumb. Green light. Green room. Greenback. Greenhorn. Green with envy. Green around the gills. Greener pastures.

Lean Green fighting machine. Oh wait a second, did I get that one wrong? 😏

No matter, because that is exactly what you will be if you eat more, yeh, you know what’s coming here……….GREENS. This soup blends a gorgeous combination of spinach and broccoli, so you are getting the Batman and Robin cruciferous crusaders of the plant world, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fabulous flavonoids. SO what? Well, how’s a healthy cardiovascular system sound to you? What about reduced blood pressure? Maybe a little anti-inflammatory anti-cancer action?

How about just the most awesome, comforting and yummy bowl of soup? Green just may become your favorite color.