Sweet Potato Kale Hash

Sweet Potato Kale hash

Have you ever had one of those happy accidents in the kitchen where you found yourself refrigerator diving for dinner fixins and ended up throwing together whatever you could find simply because you were:

a/ hungry

b/ too tired/cranky/not feelin it, to actually go out to a restaurant or hit up the grocery store, which leads to:

c/ desperation

…and it ended up being so undoubtedly delightful that you actually went out of your way to make it again? Kinda cool when that happens, I gotta tell you. It is a rare phenomena around here to be sure…

Lemony, Garlicky, Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Lemony, Garlicky, Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

This particular entry into my tiny little nano-sphere of the internet will probably pass under your right eyeball and then exit out behind your left ear of conscious attention in less than two seconds flat.

I know I really shouldn’t say that and jinx this recipe from the get go, but the title of this post might be way too green and “krunchie” (and I am not talking mastication) to get very excited about.

Eeew, ANOTHER bitter Brassica Oleracea oratory? Kale and brussels sprouts are so, like, 2015.

“Kicken” Chicken Piccata

Chicken Picatta

If there is a restaurant within a 50 mile radius of my residence that serves chicken piccata, I have ordered it. Probably more than once. And no doubt I have enjoyed it, because to me, there is no such thing as a bad chicken piccata. Tender sand dollars of perfectly sautéd chicken in a supremely light and lemony sauce dotted with puckery pops of briny capers, dusted up with a flurry of freshly chopped parsley over an ethereal cloud of perfectly al dente’ angel hair pasta? Sounds sooooo good. Don’t ya think?

But could you take this into your kitchen and make it even bETTER?

Don’t be silly. Of COURSE you can. Piccata is so easy and delicious, and when you swap out the pasta for some beautifully sautéd kale, even more amazing.

Kale Pesto

This is some good stuff going on right here.

Healthy cruciferous crusader kale, masquerading as a gorgeous pesto sauce!

If you like pesto sauce, (and really, please, who does not?) and you are all about getting as much cruciferous kale good-ness into you, yourself and everyone else around your dinner table because that shniz is just some nutrient packed amazingness-ness, then read on. Twenty minutes. Boom.


Kale Chickpea Sweet Potatoes with Sriracha Sauce

Kale Chickpea Sweet Potatoes with Sriracha Sauce

So we’re told to “eat a rainbow”, and of course that makes perfect sense. As a lover of all things delicious and good for you (as well as all things delicious and not so good for you…..Arg), this pretty plate comes pretty close.

Hearty, rib stickin SUPAH-green, kale plays well here with meaty chick peas and carmelized onion. Sounds good already! Now pop that over a beautifully roasted until it is soft and sweetly smooth boss of beta-carotene sweet potato. Slather the whole thing with a purdy pink dollop of sriracha spiced yogurt sauce and you will be seeing rainbows! And unicorns!

Or, maybe that could be just me who does that……😜

The Best Green Smoothie EVER

The Best Green Smoothie EVER

Throwing around some pretty big proclamations here, aren’t I?

Making a claim of The Best Ever anything is always a risky proposition….and hey! What the heck is this, anyway? A muddy green sludgy looking – DRINK? What the huh? Isn’t this December? Where are the cookies and stuffing and bacon wrapped widgets and crafty cocktails and bubbling cheesy side dishes…? Hello????? Is this not a FOOD blog?

Well. If you are anything like me, (and I know you are…….) you’ve gone ahead and sampled plenty of that shiz already what with Thanksgiving and the holiday parties and the open houses and the celebrations and the family dinners…. and……and….and……there really is no end in sight. So why wait until some bleak day in January when you finally come out of that gray and muddled food coma only to say to yourself – “I gotta stop eating like Sh*t.”

At the risk of sounding like I am lecturing. Why not start now?

Because this thing that we have here today is deceptively TAY-stee!

Lemony Kale Salad ….even if you don’t like kale

Kale has been the “new” spinach for a while now. I myself have been more than happy to hop aboard the borecole bus, adding it to everything I consume from breakfast smoothies to lasagna. You can boil this shiz…bake it…saute it…even roast pieces of it into crispy chips for snackin. You can eat it cooked, you can eat it raw, but you most definitely want to eat it because it is just so ridiculously good for you. Vitamin A. Vitamin C. Vitamin K. Calcium. Iron. Fiber. Antioxidants. Omega-3 fatty acids. Unicorn horn (okay, I made that one up but you get the idea). This favorite child of the cruciferous family is green gold. But what if you just don’t like the stuff? Or, what is more often the case – what if you love kale but your peeps or posse or tribe or whomever it is that you enjoy dining with/cooking for does not? Try this. Raw kale sliced super thinly…