Healthy, Gorgeous, Raw Tomato Sauce

Raw Tomato Sauce

I thought about calling this: Amazingly Simple and Delicious, Garlic Infused, Basil Tainted, Healthy, Fresh, Whip This Together And Feel Good About What You’re Eating over Zucchini Noodles Topped with Goat Cheese. Sauce.

That didn’t exactly fit on the line.

But this will definitely fit into your schedule.

Simple Homemade Marinara

So easy and incredibly delicious, there is NO reason not to ditch the dusty store-bought jar of marinara sauce you’ve got hiding there in the back of your pantry and make your own. With basically five ingredients (most of which you probably already have on hand) and some fresh herb-iage, in about 20 minutes….you’ll have a super quick, fresh sauce.

Got some time? Cook it down for another hour or more, and you’ll have a richer, thicker marinara. Want to add some heft? Add meat if you like…..mushrooms if that’s what makes your heart quiver….maybe some bell peppers. Want to get fancy? A glug or two of red wine….(easy now) will do the trick.

This saucy pot of crimson carotenoids (good stuff) will become the backbone of many of your favorite recipes, and you will feel really great about impressing everyone (yourself included) with a beautiful red sauce that is pure amore.

Tomato gratin with fresh basil

Tomatoes are such a gift to the home gardener. Take a trip to your local nursery, buy a couple of plants, dig a couple of holes, pop ’em in and water regularly. Soon enough they’ll be growing so tall that you have to cage ’em up just to keep them off the ground. You are giddy when you discover your first tomato baby, just a wee nubbin, forming at the tip of one of those yellow flowers. You go out and look at it EVERY – SINGLE – DAY. You wait as patiently as you can, until that little baby grows bigger and it’s color turns from green to pinkish to ruby red……and the happy day comes when you get to pick it off the vine and shove it in your mouth and savor every minute of this amazing wonder of nature like it’s the first and last tomato you have ever had in your whole life and it is sooooo delicious that you…