Spicy Sweet Tart Thai Salad (or wrap!)

Spicy sweet tart Thai Salad
Oooo yeah – spicy, sweet, tart, Thai salad sorcery!

This is my take on a NOT so classic Thai favorite. Sweet, salty, spicy, earthy and tart flavors all harmonize into a sort of funky perfection in this restaurant inspired main dish salad. Lots of big bold flavors and textures going on all over the place here, I can tell you what. But wait! If you want to streamline this whole situation, and make things EVEN easier (yes, even easier than a SALAD) there’s the whole lettuce wrap angle to explore. Lots of crunch, lots of sweet, lots of spicy, lots of salty…lots of napkins (have you ever navigated a lettuce wrap? Don’t do it in a white shirt is all I’m saying 😏).Spicy sweet tart Thai Salad